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Juvvadi, Devi Prasad

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Impact of Community Based Tank Management in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana states in India
Centre for Good Governance
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The study entitled “Impact of Community Based Tank Management in AP and Telangana states in India” was carried out in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India. The results of Final Evaluation of Project Impact Assessment(FEPIA) carried out in in 2014with regard to agricultural productivity and community approach in managing tanks with key outcome indicators are presented. Crop ProductivityPaddy productivity has improved by 8.68 q/ha (33%) over BL, 6.14 q/ha over MTR, and 3.5 q/ha over FIA in project tanks, but only by 2.82 q/ha (11%) over BL in control tanks. Paddy, grown in about 84 percent of tank irrigated farms, thus has achieved about 32 percent higher productivity over the final project target of 25 percent increased productivity (33.3 q/ha). Community management of tanks has enhanced maize productivity from 32.8 q/ha to 38.0 q/ha. The net increase in groundnut productivity was 4.58 q/ha (51.9%) over baseline period in command area of tanks under community management who made use of demonstrations on ICM, trainings and Kisan Mela at project tanks. The increase was by 2.9 q/ha over and above the target set by the funding agency.Cropping Intensity: There was a net increase of 19.8% in cropping intensity under command area of tanks managed by community against target of 15 per cen.Fish Productivity: An increase of 3.05 q/ha EWSA in project tanks was recorded due to community management of tanks at FEPIA. There was an increase of 204.8 per cent over base line in project tanks.Milk Productivity: The net gain was 2.02 l/day/animal with an increase of 82.2 per cent due to community initiatives on project with tuning of gopal mitras to project activities, organization of health camps, trainings etc. The milk productivity achieved was higher than the project target of 4.9 l/day/animal by 0.1 l/day/animal.Water distribution in Command AreaThe project achieved increased value of crop output per unit of water (ha.m) of Rs.35,142 per ha.m from base value of Rs.28,708 (during 2011-12) recording an increase of 22.4 per cent against end project target 25 per cent. Improvement in adoption of cultural practices of 47.3% over baseline was achieved.Extent of area under Non-paddy: During MTR and FIA there has been decrease in area under non-paddy by 4.5 and 10.3 per cent respectively over the non-paddy area collected at baseline survey for project tanks. However, this did not achieve the target of non-paddy (34%) because more tank water was available during FEPIA period and farmers preferred to cultivate rice in more area.The community approach of managing tanks has achieved desired results in improving crop productivity and managing tanks for sustainability. The project is subsequently extended for further two years to end in 2016.

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