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Groundwater Protection and Raising of Farmers Awareness
Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD
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Changes local Farmers behavior on groundwater’s protection and quality sanitation are most important areas of our NGO Activities. We are facing global and regional changes including environmental factors, climate change and human-induced changes. The pesticide residues content of agricultural soil and groundwater was investigated by monitoring five sampling sites located in different regions of Georgia and GC analyses of soil samples allowed the description of vertical distribution of pesticide residues in the soil profile and groundwater as pesticides can contaminate surface of water, soil and groundwater. Pesticides typically enter surface water during rainfall or irrigation exceeds the infiltration capacity of soil and resulting runoff then transports pesticides to streams, rivers, and other surface-water bodies and by soils erosion. As we investigate the contamination of groundwater may result directly from spills near poorly sealed well heads and from pesticide applications through improperly designed or malfunctioning irrigation systems that also are used to apply pesticides. Groundwater contamination also may come indirectly by the percolation of agricultural and urban irrigation water through soil layers and into groundwater and from pesticide residue in surface water, such as drainage ditches, streams, and municipal wastewater. Our NGO concept relays on a key focus area of the protection of groundwater’s and rivers, as sea coastal zones in West part of Georgia. It proposes to re-orient the search for sustainable solutions on the interface between sectors and disciplines. Work Closely with Rural Communities for upstream on policy-relevant water and energy initiatives to maintain the dynamics and competitiveness of drinkable waters and sanitation of sea coastal zones.

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