University of California

Keynote Speakers 2016

California Perspectives: Agriculture at a Crossroads to Groundwater Sustainability?

Moderator: Glenda Humiston, Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California

  • California's Groundwater-Agriculture Nexus, Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, Gordon Burns, Undersecretary for Environmental Protection, California Environmental Protection Agency
  • Nitrogen Fertilization in Central Valley Crops: Answering the Question “Are we Doing it Right?”, Parry Klassen, East San Joaquin Valley Agricultural Water Quality Coalition
  • Luncheon Keynote on Groundwater and the Future of Groundwater Management in Agriculture, Michael Kiparsky, Director, Wheeler Water Institute at University of California, Berkeley

Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture: Global Perspectives

Moderator: Thomas Harter, University of California, Davis

  • The Irrigation-Groundwater Nexus at the Global Scale, Petra Döll, University of Frankfurt
  • Contribution of Sustainable and Unsustainable Groundwater Use to Global Food Production, Karen Villholth, International Water Management Institute
  • National Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Changes in Groundwater Quality in Agricultural Areas, USA, Kenneth Belitz, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Engaging Growers/Farmers in the Path Toward Sustainability, Gabriele Ludwig, Almond Board of California

Stepping Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture

Moderator: David Rudolph, University of Waterloo

  • Groundwater Sustainability in America’s Farmland? Ann Mills, Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • What policies to manage groundwater use in agriculture? Lessons from a study of OECD countries, Guillaume Gruere, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Quantifying the Impact of Human activities on Water Sustainability and Crop Yields across the High Plains Aquifer using Process-Based Models, David Hyndman, Michigan State University
  • Utilizing natural nitrogen attenuation in national regulations, Anker Lajer Højberg, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Closing Panel:Toward Sustainable Groundwater In Agriculture: Challenges, Observations, & Key Outcomes

Moderator: Bernadette Conant, Canadian Water Network

  • J.P. Cativiela, Dairy CARES, California
  • William Alley, National Ground Water Association, USA
  • Karen Villholth, International Water Management Institute, South Africa
  • Cameron Holley, University of New South Wales, Australia


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