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Steiger, Michael

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A Mass Balance Approach to Evaluating Salinity Sources in the Turlock Sub-Basin, California
Erler & Kalinowski, Inc.
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This presentation describes a mass balance approach for evaluating salinity sources in a key hydrologic sub basin in the Central Valley of California, the Turlock Sub-basin. The objective of the study was to evaluate if the primary salinity contributions can be assessed using a mass balance approach based on publicly-accessible data. This approach, intended to be straightforward and transparent to scientists and non-scientists alike, can serve as a practical first step to effective salt management and regulation in the Central Valley. A mass balance approach is proposed as a tool to help identify what DWR describes as ?salt management?s low hanging fruit,? facilitating coordination among stakeholders and identifying productive avenues for policy development. The overall goal would be to promote regulatory efforts without the need for prolonged additional study or detailed groundwater flow and solute transport modeling.

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