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   Gandhi, Vasant P.
Sustainable Groundwater Management: The Role and Performance of Institutions in India


   Wireman, Mike
A Summary of Laws and Regulations Related to Agricultural Chemicals and Groundwater
   Alley, Bill
Challenges in Groundwater Supply and Quality in the United States
   Burchi, Stefano
Early Court Decisions and Future Implications
   Harter, Thomas
For want of food: Groundwater and Agriculture
   Shah, Tushaar
Groundwater Irrigation and Small-holder Agriculture:India's Experience and its Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa
   Scanlon, Bridget R.
Satellite and Ground-based Approaches for Monitoring Impacts of Agriculture on Groundwater Resources
   McKay, Jennifer
Sustainable Development Law via Regional Plans for Groundwater in Australia, USA, and EU ?
   Foster, Stephen
The Global Boom in Groundwater Irrigation - Experience of Reconciling Resource User and Sustainability
   Landis, Paula
The Groundwater-Agriculture Nexus in California

Global Food Security

   Namara, Regassa E.
Autonomous smallholder shallow groundwater irrigation development in Upper East region of Ghana
   Milesi, Cristina
Deteriorating food security in India
   Msangi, Siwa
Feeding the World to 2030 and Beyond: The Role of Groundwater
   Burke, Jacob
Groundwater Use for Irrigation - A Global Inventory


   Villholth, Karen G.
Constraints to Smallholder Livelihoods in Irrigated Agriculture in Groundwater-Dependent Parts of Asia
   Ramirez, Jose Antonio
Looming Impact of Groundwater Quality Degradation on Our Rural Municipal Water Supply and Ag Lands: Not a Technical Issue but a Political and Financial Issue
   Thomasberg, Kathleen
Monterey County Agricultural Water Sustainability in the Salad Bowl of the World: Generations of Innovation and Conservation
   Sonke, Daniel
The California Almond
   Nelson, Rebecca L.
Till the Wells Run Dry? Dealing with Groundwater Depletion in Victoria,
   Limaye, Shrikant D.
Using Groundwater for Irrigation in Semi-Arid, Hard-Rock Areas in Peninsular India and the Role of UNESCO-IUGS-IGCP Project GROWNET
   Schaefer, Sam
Water Supply Enhancement Project for the Poso Creek Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, Tulare Lake Basin
   Glennon, Robert
Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do About It

Climate Change

   Glennon, Robert
Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do About It
   Langridge, Ruth
Climate Change, Agriculture and Sustainable Groundwater Management:Developing a Strategic Groundwater Reserve to Buffer Extreme Droughts
   Purkey, David
Green water management to sustain agricultural production in a changing climate
   Maxwell, Reed
Groundwater and Climate Change: Forcing, Feedbacks, and Integrated Hydrologic Response
   Ferguson, Ian M.
Impacts of Groundwater Pumping and Irrigation on Regional Hydrology and Climate
   Gurdak, Jason
Interannual to Multidecadal Climate Variability Effects on Sustainable Groundwater for Agriculture
   Uhlman, Kristine A.
Rural Water Supply Drought Vulnerability Assessment in the Desert Southwest
   Abrishamchi, Ahmad
The Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge in Karkheh River Basin (Iran)
   Barthel, Roland
Using a Multi-Actor Framework for Simulating the Interaction between Various Actors, Water Supply and Groundwater in Response to Global Change

Environmental Justice

   Glennon, Robert
Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do About It
   Rice, Jack
Ag Perspectives on Groundwater
   Firestone, Laurel A.
Developing Ground-Up Solutions to Non-point Source Pollution of Groundwater: An Environmental Justice Perspective
   Balazs, Carolina
Just Water? Environmental Justice and Drinking Water Quality in California?s Central Valley
   Ramasamy, Saravanan
Socio-Economic Impact of Groundwater Pollution Due to Disposal of Textile Effluent ? A Case Study from India

Groundwater Management

   Glennon, Robert
Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do About It
   Pahuja, Sanjay
Addressing Groundwater Overexploitation - Large Scale Success of Community Management Approaches in Hard Rock Aquifers of Southern India
   Passell, Howard
Collaborative, Stakeholder-Driven, Water-Energy-Agriculture-Ecosystems Modeling and Planning for Long-Term Resource Sustainability
   Alsaaran, Nasser A.
Environmental and Socio-economic Implications of Overexploitation of Groundwater Resources in Hassa Oasis in Eastern Saudi Arabia
   Joost, Richard
Evaluating Agricultural Water Use with Crop Life Cycle Assessments
   Mukherjee, Sacchidananda
Farmers? Willingness to Adopt BMPs to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Lower Bhavani River Basin, India
   Green, Sargent
Framework for the San Joaquin Valley Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
   Antwi Ofosu, Eric
Gendered access to shallow wells and riverine alluvial dugouts in the Upper East Region of Ghana
   Lopez-Gunn, Elena
Groundwater Governance in Spain: Aligning Science with Policy
   Huang, Qiuqiong
Groundwater in China: Development, Regulation and Farmers' Responses
   Bruggeman, Adriana
Groundwater or Livelihood? The Case of Al-Ajaz Community in Northern Syria
   Scott, Christopher A.
Groundwater Overdraft in Mexico: Climate, Energy, and Population Drivers
   Eaton, David
Groundwater Sustainability: Merely An Illusion?
   Raj Sharma, Bharat
Impact of State Regulation on Groundwater Exploitation in the ?Hotspot? Region of Punjab, India
   Peck, John C.
Legal Instruments for Dealing with Agricultural Groundwater Management in the United States
   Hedlund, Stefanie
Legal Regimes for Groundwater Regulation: Effectively Managing an Increasingly Crucial Resource
   Orth, David
Management of Groundwater in California through an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
   Glover, Tom
Managing the Groundwater-Agriculture Nexus in the Largest U.S. Irrigation District
   Turnbull, Robert
Managing the Operational Cost of Ground Water Production to Sustain Profits
   Blount, Meredith A.
Municipal/Agricultural Conservation Tools Applied in Central Texas, U.S.
   Ramachandrula, Rama Mohan Venkata
Opportunities and Constraints to Community Regulation of Groundwater: Lessons from a Grassroots Project in Andhra Pradesh, India
   Zidar, Matt
Policy and Economic Drivers in California which Affect Groundwater Management and Sustainability in Agricultural Regions
   Burney, Jennifer A.
Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Systems in the Sudano-Sahel
   Selker, John
Strategies for Efficient Irrigation
   Knapp, Keith C.
Sustainability Economics of Agricultural Groundwater Usage and Management
   Baram, Shahar
The Impact of Dairy Farms on the Groundwater Quality of Israel?s Coastal Aquifer
   Unoma Okonkwo, Adaora
The Use of Reserve Determination in Assessing Groundwater Quantity
   Megdal, Sharon B.
Water, People, and the Future: Water Availability for Agriculture in the United States

Salinization and Salinity

   Glennon, Robert
Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do About It
   Steiger, Michael
A Mass Balance Approach to Evaluating Salinity Sources in the Turlock Sub-Basin, California
   Russell, Larry L.
Agricultural Irrigation Management in Semi-arid Areas
   Dickey, John
Characterization of Land Cover for Estimating Nitrogen and Salt Losses to Groundwater
   Mangarella, Peter
Implications of Past Agricultural Practices on Mobilization and Transport of Selenium and Nutrients from Groundwater to Surface Waters
   Favreau, Guillaume E.
Land Clearing, Rainfed Cropping and Increased Groundwater Resources in Semiarid SW Niger, Africa
   Munster, Jennie
Offsetting Allochthonus Salinity Increases Threatening Irrigated Agriculture with Managed Recharge

Ag-Urban Interface

   Glennon, Robert
Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What to Do About It
   Bowen, Ian
Case Study of Groundwater Remediation of Non-Point Source Nitrate
   Suchomel, Eric J.
Evaluation of Legacy Contamination at the Urban/Agricultrual Interface Using Publically-Available Data
   Mas Pla, Pep
Evidence for Denitrification Processes in Nitrate Polluted Groundwater (Catalonia, NE Spain) using a Multi-Isotopic Approach
   Kauffman, Leon
Factors Contributing to the Susceptibility of Public-Supply Wells to Agricultural Contaminants
   Beck, Jim
Groundwater Banking and Management in Mixed Agricultural and Urban Regions
   Brook, Jacqueline M.
Innovative Nitrogen Management Strategies to Reduce Groundwater Impacts in Drinking Water Source Protection Areas
   Gillet, Virginie
Social Sustainability of a Groundwater Allocation Plan toward the Resolution of an Allocation Dispute between Agricultural and Forest Water Users
   Waskom, Reagan M.
Trends and Alternatives to Ag to Urban Water Transfers in Colorado


   Warner, Kelly L.
Can We Determine Background Nitrate Concentration in Groundwater?
   Creedon, Pamela
CV-SALTS Initiative: Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Efforts to Tackle Salinity and Nitrate throughout the Central Valley and Who Needs to be Involved
   Refsgaard, Jens Christian
Nitrate Reduction in a Groundwater Dominated Catchment: How Good Are Our Models?
   de Klijne, Arnoud
Nitrates Directive Compliance: Checking for Nitrate in Groundwater in the Netherlands

Aquifer Recharge

   Hanson, Randall T.
Analysis and Simulation of Conjunctive Water Use for Agricultural Settings with the Farm Process for Modflow
   Fogg, Graham
Climate Change and Subsurface Storage; OR: gw age mixing and what it means to gw quality
   Bredehoeft, John
Conjunctive Use: Streamflow Depletion Caused by Pumping Wells on a Nearby Stream
   Roberts, Susan V.
Evaluation of Numeric and Integrated Models for Applications in Texas
   Petersen, Christian E.
Groundwater Management Program for Yuba County Water Agency: A Conjunctive Use Pilot Project
   Green, John
Groundwater Recharge in Eastern San Joaquin County Resulting from the Farmington Program
   Schmidt, Calla M.
Managed Aquifer Recharge as Tool for Sustainable Management of Groundwater Quantity and Quality in Agricultural Basins
   Hall, Maurice D.
The Groundwater-Surface Water Connection in California: Balancing Agricultural, Municipal and Ecosystem Needs in Groundwater Management

Pesticides and Nutrients

   Green, Chris
Assessing and Forecasting Nitrate Fluxes in Agricultural Aquifers
   Frey, Steven K.
Assessing Potential Nutrient Losses in Tile Drained, Macroporous Soils over an Annual Cycle through Conservative Tracer Tracking
   Wendland, Frank
Assessment of Pesticide Leaching to Groundwater in Germany: Comparison of Indicator and Metamodel Approaches
   Chapelle, Frank
Bioavailability of Dissolved Organic Carbon and Ambient Redox Processes in Groundwater associated with Agricultural Land Use
   Ryan, Cathy
Can Groundwater Protection and Agricultural Production Co-exist over Vulnerable Aquifers?
   Acutis, Marco
Cropping System Model for Integrated Evaluation of Agricultural Activities
   Esser, Brad
Denitrification and Nitrate Transport in Groundwater Underlying Large Dairy Operations in California?s Central Valley
   Carle, Steve
Denitrification at a Dairy Site Supported by Gas-Liquid Phase Modeling of Tritium/Helium-3 Groundwater Age
   Boesten, Jos
Development of the FOCUS Groundwater Scenarios for the Assessment of the Leaching of Plant Protection Products in EU Registration
   Hinsby, Klaus
Groundwater Chemical Status in Denmark Based on Environmental Objectives for Ecosystems and European Water Directives and Guidelines
   Loague, Keith
Groundwater Vulnerability Assessments for the San Joaquin Valley
   Mun, Yuri
Identification and Quantification of Nitrate Transport in Agricultural Areas
   Robertson, William D.
In-stream Bioreactor for Agricultural Nitrate Treatment
   Nolan, Tom
Modeling Agricultural Impacts on Groundwater at Contrasting Spatial Scales
   Dogrul, Emin C.
Modeling Crop Water Demand and Root Zone Flow Processes at Regional Scales in the Context of Integrated Hydrology
   Hedden-Nicely, Dylan R.
New Developments for Conjunctive Management in Idaho: Why Our Expanding Understanding of Science Should Expand How We Address the Doctrine Against Waste in Idaho Water Right Transfers
   Rudolph, David L.
Quantifying the Performance of Regional Scale Reductions in Nutrient Applications for Source Water Protection through Vadose Zone Monitoring
   Stackelberg, Paul E.
Regression Model for Predicting the Concentration of Atrazine Residues in Shallow Agricultural Groundwater across the Conterminous United States
   Fraters, Dico
Relationship between Nitrogen Surpluses and Nitrate Leaching on Sandy Soils
   Green, Christopher
Trends in Nitrate Concentrations in Agricultural Areas of the United States: Implications for Aquifers and Streams

Animal Farming

   Wang, Jingjing
An Investigation of Polices for Controlling Groundwater Pollution from Confined Animal Feeding Operations
   Martin, Pauk
Central Valley Groundwater Requirements for Dairy Farms
   Cey, Edwin
Colloid Transport Behavior in Agricultural Soils: Microbes and Microspheres
   Oyewumi, Oluyinka
Cycling of Organoarsenicals Released from Poultry Litter: Results from a Field Experiment in an Agricultural Watershed
   Iwanyshyn, Michael
Investigating Long-Term Effects of Manure Management Activities on Groundwater Quality in Alberta
   Goss, Michael J.
Microbial Contamination of Groundwater under Agricultural Fields, Sources and Pathways
   Reijs, Joan W.
Relationship between Farm Management, Nitrogen Surplus, Nitrate Concentrations and Economic Performance of Dutch Dairy Farms on Sandy Soils
   Bradford, Scott A.
Reuse of CAFO Wastewater on Agricultural Lands: Potential Environmental Contaminants, Transport Pathways, and Treatments

Energy Nexus

   Gollehon, Noel
A National View of the Irrigation Resources to Grow Biofuel and the Groundwater Role
   Kumar, Dinesh
Can Electricity Pricing be a Tool for Efficient, Equitable and Sustainable Use of Groundwater in Indian Agriculture?
   Hightower, Michael
Groundwater and Energy: Emerging Challenges, Directions and Opportunities
   Hunt, Randy
Simulating Hydrologic and Biologic Response to Land Use and Climate Change


   Lindsey, Bruce D.
An Overview of Studies of Agricultural Contaminant Trends in Groundwater in the United States
   Broers, Hans Peter
Detection of Trends in Groundwater Quality: An Overview of Methods Developed in Europe
   Wendland, Frank
Forecasting the Effects of EU Policy Measures on the Nitrate Pollution of Groundwater Based on a Coupled Agroeconomic Hydro(geo)logic Model
   Parkin, Gary
Modeling Seasonal Risk of Deep Drainage for Different Regions of Ontario: Implications for Source Protection Guideline Development

Regional Monitoring

   Parker, Tim
Development and Pilots for a National Groundwater Monitoring Network in the United States
   Wattel-Koekkoek, Esther J. W.
Groundwater Monitoring and Compliance Checking According to WFD and GD
   Thorling, Lærke
Monitoring Groundwater for the Effectiveness of Action Programs in Denmark, 1988-2009
   Fraters, Dico
Nationwide, ambient groundwater monitoring approaches in Europe for monitoring the effectiveness of the Nitrates Directive Action Programs

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